Sample Books and Pages

The book is personalised to your needs, is written by you…we’ll put it together however you like.  We can do a variety of fonts and finishes.

click here Sample 1 to see a sample page

Short Stories

You don’t have to write a book. We can condense your story into a single page which can still make exciting and informative reading.  We can send you set questions that you can answer (chose which questions you answer – it’s your story), from this we can create your story for you, or you can write your story in your own words on the page we send you. We will then type it out and send you a proof for you to read through to make sure you’re happy with it before the final print stage.

You can choose to have your story delivered to you flat, or rolled in a presentation tube.


You can choose how you want your front cover. From something simple (like the example  below) to an ornate leather bound volume

Pink Book front sample 1 copy


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