One Page Story

You don’t have to write a book. We can put a outline of your life on to a single sheet and it will still hold important details of your life, for example when and where you were born, your family,¬†where you worked, your hobbies or holidays. We can even include a photo!

From here you could have your story placed in a frame, presented as a scroll in a presentation tube or box. It is your story and needs to reflect who you are, so if you have an idea of presentation then let us know and we will do our best to meet your needs.

Your story can be printed on to paper, card or canvas.

Prices start from £70.00 for a beautifully presented story on paper supplied in a cardboard presentation tube.

'If you want me, I'm on the golf course'

‘If you want me, I’m on the golf course’

We have a range of colours of presentation tubes, so you can choose a favourite colour.

Tube sample 4

tube sample 1


or we can frame your story for you

Frame Sample 1

Your story can be printed in anyway you like. We can add borders and colours.

Sample 2 copy






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