Bradbury Family book

You can have a book as large or small as you wish.

This depends on your budget and how much you can remember!  Books can be hardbound, wiro stitched (stapled) with as many or little pages as you wish.

We will be putting some guidelines here soon to help you decide.

To start with you should plan for between 300-340 words on a single page.  You can have pictures on any page and this will obviously affect the number of words on that page.

Click Sample 1 to see a sample of a page


Single Page Stories

You don’t need to have a book to show an outline of your life, or a story that has stuck in your mind for years. From as little as £70.00 we can send out a short story pack to you and you have a choice whether you want to write the story yourself, or answer questions that we can use to put the story together for you – use them as a guide.

We can include a photo and present the page beautifully with a border or a coloured background.

This is sent back to you either as a flat sheet or in a presentation tube. You can have your story framed so they can by hung on the wall for visitors to read. It would definitely start a discussion!

Why not send this to a friend as a gift so they can write their own story!

Books are available in a selection of colours (photo shows an example). Hardback or paperback.

tracy 011

We can also offer gilded pages

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For more information please email or if you prefer to speak to us call 01280 840770

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